Sunday, March 4, 2018

Analyze SAP Workflow

Well, hello again guys, this time i will show you how to analyze SAP Workflow easily.

starting from tcode SBWP and you will get the following result.

after you manage to find the workflow just right clicked and choose 'Display Workflow Log'

you will see the Workflow Log Screen, tried to find the issue and click Graphical Protocol.

in this screen you should see many green lines, and it looks like the green lines has stopped somewhere.
after this click extras and click Call Workflow Builder. (It should send you to another realms. 👺👺👺)

tried to find an issue, maybe where's the greenline has stopped. double click on that node.

it should take you to this on that eye-glasses icon to see whats beneath.
there you go, grab a paper and write this-two-down.
Now Open Tcode SWO1 and input the Object Type and Click Test.
read your paper and see what method does the workflow use, and click execute method
last but not least, here you go, its just like Function Module, fill this in and execute, you should get the same error which the workflow have.

have fun.