Monday, July 15, 2013

mathematic operand.

well, continuing from the last post of me,
i'm continuing my post, this time i'd like to explain 2 of my basic programs in abap programing.

as usuall you should enter the object navigator page,
creating new object, assign the package, and input the request.
in my case, my coding is look like this.
and this is my coding

*"*"Local Interface:

CASE im_operator.
WHEN '+'.
ex_result = im_operand1 + im_operand2.
WHEN '-'.
ex_result = im_operand1 - im_operand2.
WHEN '*'.
ex_result = im_operand1 * im_operand2.
WHEN '/'.
ex_result = im_operand1 / im_operand2.


and when it successfull, it should look like

and about the second programs,
logicaly it has different function, on the second one i put the function on the other file and the variable on the other hand. so it's a little bit like linking.
here's my coding, oh and also you have to create the functioning module first. and import or export.

the star sign means it's read as a comment, and will NOT be executed.
and if it succesfull it should be something like this.

see, the result is a little bit different from the last one.
well, thats it for now,
thanks for visiting.

Abap Programing

hey folks..
thank you for visiting my blog, this time i would like to share my knowledge about SAP system.

FYI, SAP stands for System, Application, and Product. this massive managable software originaly comes from germany, so basicly it is written in germany. but, there is also written in english. well, for further information about SAP you could googling about it, internet is your best pall.

you might be not understand some of these steps, i'd like to explain them in my next tutorial.  right now, just try to understands it.

well, tonight i just made 3 basic programs in abap programming. all of them will be explain in this blog.

1. Database-like Programming
i'd like to call this program is Database-like, because it is like a simple database. you write the variable, the value, and type of the value.
first, i'd like to show you what SAP and ABAP programming look like.
not an eye-caching view i guess, but this is SAP. have you ever heard 'comfort is inversely related to security'. SAP is something like that.

well, lets continue on my program in abap.
see the picture up there, in abap when you want to make programs you should enter the 'Object Navigator', inside object navigator you'll make program based on package, request, and etc (i'll explain this later..)

lets just say that i am already make the program, it should look like this.

well, here's my coding
*& Report  ZY_35_STUDENT

REPORT  zy_35_student.

TYPES: BEGIN OF str_student,
        name(40) TYPE c,
        family_name(40) TYPE c,
        students_id(10) TYPE n,
        END OF str_student.

DATA student TYPE str_student.
student-name = 'Max'.
student-family_name = 'Mueller'.
student-students_id = '101234567'.

WRITE: / 'Name: ',student-name, /'family_name: ',student-family_name, / 'students_id: ', student-students_id.

and if it is successfull it should look like this.

well, i think that's all for this post, 
the other program will be on the next post...
see ya for now.